Every Motorsport UK Club must now have a nominated Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) who is licenced by Motorsport UK. This is an individual who provides reassurance and ensures a safe environment for children, young adults and vulnerable members of the club to enjoy motorsport.

The Club Safeguarding Officer is the lead person for managing all safeguarding activity, this includes responding appropriately to all safeguarding concerns in order for the club to meet its legal and statutory duties. They are supported by the team at Motorsport UK when required.

As a member of the club’s committee or organising team, the CSO makes sure that the club leadership are aware of the role in leading and delivering safeguarding activity, and that the CSO is aware of club activities where safeguarding support may be required.

Currently only around 50 per cent of Motorsport UK registered clubs have a licenced CSO in place. Increasing the number of licenced Club Safeguarding Officers is an essential step towards widening the support that they provide across all aspects of motorsport. Throughout the Clubs, there are more people who undertake the role of CSO, but as they are not licenced with Motorsport UK, so the governing body does not have a record of who they are and is therefore unable to offer support, advice, or guidance.

If you would like to become the Safeguarding Officer for your club, or if you are already acting as a Club Safeguarding Officer, but have not yet registered with Motorsport UK, please email safeguarding@motorsportuk.org so a support pack and training options can be shared with you.

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Leanne Ritchie

Regional Safeguarding Officer

My role as Regional Safeguarding Officer is mainly an advisory and development role. If you are struggling to find a Club Safeguarding Officer, or need any help with or support with safeguarding, please email me.

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