If you are a member of a Club committee, an Event Organiser, Venue official, Event Secretary, Club Safeguarding Officer, Clerk of the Course, or Steward, you should be aware of the Motorsport UK Licence Suspensions Register and should be checking it regularly.

Motorsport UK is committed to ensuring that all Licence holders adhere to and comply with the National Competition Rules (the Rules). There are some occasions where breach of the Rules lead to Licence suspensions. Such breaches may include (but are not limited to) serious driving standard breaches, disqualifications under the Road Traffic Act, non-payment of fines, breach of the Race with Respect code, on-going criminal justice investigations, or safeguarding concerns.

A suspension can include the suspension solely of the Licence or may extend to including prohibition on attendance at Motorsport UK Permitted Events and/or Licence Venues.

Motorsport UK publish the Suspensions Register so the community are aware of whose Licences are currently suspended.

The latest copy of the Suspensions Register can be found here.

It is important that Motorsport UK is made aware of any situation where a suspended Licence holder is continuing to use the benefits of their Licence. This is to ensure a safe and fair environment for all of the community. If any member of the community becomes aware of any suspended Licence Holder continuing to compete and/or attend any Motorsport UK Permitted Events or Licensed Venues please report this and investigations will be undertaken.

If a suspended Licence holder attempts to submit an entry to an Event, the entry must be refused, any Fee returned, and the date and time of the incident reported to Motorsport UK.

If a suspended Licence holder attends a Motorsport UK Permitted Event or Licenced Venue, who is under suspension of attendance, please report this to the Motorsport UK Steward and/or Clerk of the Course. If you are the Motorsport UK Steward and/or Clerk of the Course please ask the suspended Licence holder to attend the office, direct them to the Suspensions Register and ask them to leave the Event/Venue immediately. Please then report this to Motorsport UK.

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Rupert Hine

Rupert is Chair of SAMSC.

He has been involved in motorsport since 1994 (initially whilst studying at Edinburgh University). He has competed in Autotest, Navigational Rallies, Cross Country RTV Trials and Hill Rallies, and over the years he has done nearly all disciplines of the sport. He has organised many events and led the organising team which returned hill rallying to Scotland. He has also been involved in marshalling, radio, recovery, and rescue. He is Chair of Motorsport UK’s Cross-Country Committee and a member of the Motor Sports Council.