As a Regional Association, we want to raise the profile of motorsport in Scotland. We are committed to championing the range of motorsport disciplines available, showcasing some of the best motorsport events, and demonstrating the various pathways into the sport.

We aim to highlight opportunities for motorsport enthusiasts to get involved in a range of events, whether they are interested in competing, volunteering, or spectating.

So we were delighted to be told today that we had achieved the Motorsport UK Marketing Accreditation, passing with flying colours!

We are currently the only one of the 14 Regional Associations to have achieved the Accreditation.

Motorsport UK said,

The Panel thought that your marketing plan and communications strategy were exceptional with great attention to detail in your style guide encompassing brand guidelines and tone of voice. This was greatly executed in the marketing methods and digital marketing examples.

SAMSC got full marks in your Marketing Plan, Brand Guidelines and Tone of Voice – these were excellent, and the Panel were very impressed, especially considering how up to date they were.

On the digital marketing front, all evidence provided was exceptional! The website is wonderful, clear and modern to use, and the content on the social channels is also completely appropriate with good images and a nice variety.

The Motorsport UK Marketing Accreditation is a big achievement which demonstrates that our governing body thinks that as a Regional Association, we practise good brand awareness, publicity, and communication with the motorsport community and beyond.

We are extremely proud that our efforts have been acknowledged by Motorsport UK through the award of the Accreditation and look forward to supporting Clubs go through the process for their own initiatives.

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Jon Bolton

Jon is our Regional Training Coordinator, and also our Communications and Publicity Manager.
He went on his first rally at the age of 5 when his uncle was marshalling the Cropton Forest stage on the Lombard RAC Rally. That was in the days of Roger Clark and the all-conquering Escorts. The sounds and smells of rally cars have never lost their appeal. As an adult, working on an ambulance crew covering Cadwell Park in the mid 90s, he frequently encountered drivers who had come to an abrupt stop somewhat sooner than they had anticipated. Jon is a licensed rescue team member and Motorsport UK Trainer. He is also on Motorsport UK's Training Working Group and their Rescue and Recovery Working Group.