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Reserves Policy

The Management Committee have determined that minimum reserves are required.

The Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs is a Regional Association recognised by Motorsport UK, being the governing body of motorsport in the United Kingdom. The Association represents the interests of its Member Clubs and, inter alia, facilitates consultation, liaison and discussion between Member Clubs, Motorsport UK, other Regional Associations across the UK and external bodies, on matters of mutual interest and concern.

The Association’s income is primarily from a membership fee paid annually by its Member Clubs. The amount of this fee is set annually at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. The majority of income is received in the period of April to August annually.

Between each Annual General Meeting, the Management Committee manages the affairs of the Association and they have agreed that membership fees should be maintained at a constant level and in normal circumstances adjusted only when essential to maintain the minimum level of reserves for future years. This does not preclude the Management Committee from waiving membership fees in full for any year if they consider it appropriate and in the interests of the Association and its Member Clubs to do so.

The aim of the budget proposed annually by the Management Committee is to balance, as far as is practicable, income against the normal running costs of the Association, these being primarily the statutory meetings of Member Clubs, the Association’s website and other communication channels, and the expenses related to running Association championships for certain motorsport disciplines.

The Association also provides short term bridging funding for training courses and other training activity held for Motorsport marshals and officials in Scotland in the name of the Association pending the reimbursement of said expenditure, or the majority thereof, from the British Motorsport Trust. It is the view of the Association that the volunteers, in particular, providing the training, and the specialist suppliers involved, should receive prompt reimbursement or settlement of their expenses, fees or charges. The cost of individual training events varies but the largest can exceed £4,500.

The Management Committee have determined that in order to continue providing this bridging funding while meeting routine expenses, minimum reserves of £5,000 are required. The Management Committee have not determined a maximum level of reserves, but will not support funding proposals that would lead to an ongoing accumulation thereof.

The Association will review this policy annually.


Scottish Association of Motor Sports Clubs
June 2021