Types of Motorsport


About Autotest

The aim of Autotests is to negotiate as quickly as possible a memorised, low-speed course without hitting any markers – it is all about car control.

Circuit Racing

About Circuit Racing

Quite possibly one of the most well-known forms of motorsport is circuit racing. A number of cars race wheel-to-wheel on a race track. The winner is the first competitor to reach the chequered flag.

Cross Country

About Cross Country

Cross Country motor sports is a wide and vibrant sub-culture, that reflects many of the “normal” branches of motorsport…. but with a twist, reflecting the nature of our environment.

Esports STEM

About Esports

Esports is the most accessible kind of motorsport and the cheapest way to get started. You can compete in any vehicle, at anytime, anywhere. All you need is a gaming device.


About Karting

Karting is a sport for all and there’s nothing to stop you competing week in, week out.


About Rallying

Stage Rallies mainly take place in the forests and comprise loops of competitive sections, or stages, with the winner being the crew that completes them all in the lowest aggregate time.