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Safeguarding course for Club Safeguarding Officers

Safeguarding is the action of promoting the welfare of children and adults at risk to protect them from harm.

Everyone involved in motorsport has a part to play in supporting the enjoyment and safety of its participants. Motorsport UK is committed to the ongoing development and provision of policies, best practice guidance and central support towards safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk.

All clubs should have at least one Club Safeguarding Officer who is available and accessible during events. Licencing the Safeguarding Officer with Motorsport UK ensures that they have an up-to-date record of all CSO’s and can maintain regular communication with them, which includes sending them invitations to training and other events.

The role of Club Safeguarding Officer is hugely important and it is essential that volunteers are provided with the appropriate training to enable them to do their job effectively.

A new, one day, in-person course has been designed specifically for Club Safeguarding Officers and aims to:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills of Club Safeguarding Officers
  • Build the confidence of Club Safeguarding Officer’s in the practical aspects of their role
  • Increase awareness of the responsibilities of Club Safeguarding Officers in recognising, responding to and reporting risks in the motorsport environment

There are three dates currently arranged for Scotland:

A further date is planned for February 2024.

Register at

Attendance is restricted to Motorsport UK licenced Club Safeguarding Officers and licence numbers will be verified before your registration is confirmed.

It is really important that the CSO’s attend the course not only to provide them with the knowledge and skills to perform their role but also to help them build relationships with other CSO’s working in and around Scotland so that they can build networks and support one another. In addition, the next renewal of both their CSO licence grade and suitability checks (PVGs in Scotland) is dependent on attending the training.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the Motorsport UK Safeguarding Team by emailing

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Leanne Ritchie

Regional Safeguarding Officer

My role as Regional Safeguarding Officer is mainly an advisory and development role. If you are struggling to find a Club Safeguarding Officer, or need any help with or support with safeguarding, please email me.

07751 661537