Tips for using social media

The crucial benefits of social media, as compared with traditional media, are access, speed and reach. Today, everybody can get their message out instantly, and those messages can reach lots of people in a matter of minutes or hours.

Every piece of content you post on social media should be carefully thought out. If you’re posting just to post something – you’re going about it all wrong.

Use the right words. The way you get your message across will vary depending on the social network you’re posting content on.

It will help if you could tag the Association and Motorsport UK on any posts that you put out on social media, whether it is Instagram, Facebook or Twitter:





  • #motorsportmonthscotland #motorsport #motorsportuk #ThanksMarshal

Have a look at Motorsport UK’s Club Development pages:

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We are planning a series of training sessions to help with promoting your Club or event. Please email for more information.

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Jon Bolton

Jon is our Regional Training Coordinator, and also our Communications and Publicity Manager.
He went on his first rally at the age of 5 when his uncle was marshalling the Cropton Forest stage on the Lombard RAC Rally. That was in the days of Roger Clark and the all-conquering Escorts. The sounds and smells of rally cars have never lost their appeal. As an adult, working on an ambulance crew covering Cadwell Park in the mid 90s, he frequently encountered drivers who had come to an abrupt stop somewhat sooner than they had anticipated. Jon is a licensed rescue team member and Motorsport UK Trainer. He sits on Motorsport UK's Training Working Group and their Rescue and Recovery Working Group, as well as being a member of Motorsport UK's national training team for Safeguarding.

He is a STEM Ambassador and a Scottish Regional and UK National Judge for F1 in Schools, a not-for-profit social enterprise aiming to change the perception of STEM-related subjects through global competition.