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Jon Bolton

Jon is our Regional Training Coordinator, and also our Communications and Publicity Manager.
He went on his first rally at the age of 5 when his uncle was marshalling the Cropton Forest stage on the Lombard RAC Rally. That was in the days of Roger Clark and the all-conquering Escorts. The sounds and smells of rally cars have never lost their appeal. As an adult, working on an ambulance crew covering Cadwell Park in the mid 90s, he frequently encountered drivers who had come to an abrupt stop somewhat sooner than they had anticipated. Jon is a licensed rescue team member and Motorsport UK Trainer. He sits on Motorsport UK's Training Working Group and their Rescue and Recovery Working Group, as well as being a member of Motorsport UK's national training team for Safeguarding.

He is a STEM Ambassador and a Scottish Regional and UK National Judge for F1 in Schools, a not-for-profit social enterprise aiming to change the perception of STEM-related subjects through global competition.

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Bill Creevy

Bill is our coordinator for the Scottish Autotest Championship and the Scottish Single Venue Rally Championship.

He has been involved in motorsport for approximately 50 years and is one of the founder members of Glenrothes Motor Sport Club. He has competed in Autotests, Autocross, Rallycross, Navigational Rallies, Stage Rallies and Tarmac Rallies, and since retiring from competition due to a back injury he has been involved as a marshal, rally organiser and event official.

Bill is a member of the Motorsport UK Autotest Committee.

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Steve Burns

Steve is our Discipline Representative for Race.

He began marshalling in 1994 at the age of 16, joining his local Committee in 1996 and has been working in Motorsport organisation since 1999. He is currently Competitions Director for the Scottish Motor Racing Club and Senior Clerk of the Course at Knockhill Racing Circuit. As a licenced Race & Speed Clerk of the Course and Steward, Steve regularly officiates both in the UK and Internationally as a Race Director and Steward. He is Chairman of the Association of British Motor Racing Clubs and a member of the Motorsport UK Clerks and Stewards Advisory Group. Steve has also competed in both race and stage rally disciplines and holds a Grade A ARDS & BARS Instructor licence in addition to being licenced by Motorsport UK as a Driver Coach and Safeguarding Officer.

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Rhona Dickie

Rhona is our Discipline Representative for the J1000 Ecosse Challenge.

She has always had a passion for motorsport and as teenager could be seen out spectating on the rally stages. She first became involved with the J1000 Ecosse Challenge when it was first launched back in 2012, as her son was one of the very first competitors in the championship. Initially Rhona took on the roles of Safeguarding Officer and Membership Secretary. In 2021, she became the Coordinator of the Championship. When time allows, Rhona can also be seen marshalling. She is a member of RSAC Motorsport and is also their Club Safeguarding Officer.

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Keith Butler

Keith is our Secretary and Treasurer.

He first became involved in motorsport in 1975 with Scottish Sporting Car Club, of which he is a life member. As a driver he has competed mainly in navigational, targa and stage rallies and in autotests. He has at some time held virtually every position on club committees plus numerous different senior roles in navigational and stage rally organising teams. He is Treasurer of the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge, a Director of RSAC Motorsport and a member of the organising committee of the Scottish Rally. He marshals as frequently as he can on stage and classic rallies and on speed events and is a member of the SMMC Motorsport Radio Group.

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Rupert Hine

Rupert is Chair of SAMSC.

He has been involved in motorsport since 1994 (initially whilst studying at Edinburgh University). He has competed in Autotest, Navigational Rallies, Cross Country RTV Trials and Hill Rallies, and over the years he has done nearly all disciplines of the sport. He has organised many events and led the organising team which returned hill rallying to Scotland. He has also been involved in marshalling, radio, recovery, and rescue. He is Chair of Motorsport UK’s Cross-Country Committee and a member of the Motor Sports Council.

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Motorsport UK

Motorsport UK is the national membership organisation and governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK, representing competitors, volunteers, clubs and fans.

They embrace a diverse community that includes 700 affiliated motor clubs, 30,000 competition licence holders, 10,000 volunteer marshals, 4,000 officials and a legion of passionate motorsport spectators and fans. They issue over 5,000 event permits every year providing everyone with the opportunity to get close to the action. Motorsport UK is a not-for-profit organisation (limited by guarantee) that exists to service and grow the sport.

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Roy Campbell

Roy is our Discipline Representative for the Scottish Rally Championship.

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Iona Johnstone Gibb

Iona is our Navigation and Roads Championship Coordinator.

She grew with motorsport since a young age with her father as influence. As she got older, she joined her local club and has experience in marshalling and organising events. She is also keen to start to compete in autotests.

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Leanne Ritchie

Regional Safeguarding Officer

My role as Regional Safeguarding Officer is mainly an advisory and development role. If you are struggling to find a Club Safeguarding Officer, or need any help with or support with safeguarding, please email me.

07751 661537

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John Albiston

John is our Discipline Representative for Sprint and Hillclimbs.

He has been involved in historic navigational rallying, including 13 Tulip rallies and 2 le jogs, since 2003 and got into speed events when a close friend, David Gray ( sadly no longer with us), suggested he try Fintray in his Guilietta around 12 years ago. He was hooked by the end of the first day and has moved through saloons to single seater, but all in historics. John is vice chairman of HSSC.

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Tom Matthews

Tom is our Discipline Representative for Back to Roots.

He is also appointed by Motorsport UK as our MoD Liaison Officer (MLO) and engages with the MoD and its agents to establish a single point of contact, identifies new venues for events, and provides guidance and information to helps club using MoD sites.

Glenn Alcock

Glenn Alcock

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Trix Grant

Trix is our Discipline Representative for Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship.

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Graham Rieu-Clarke

Graham is our Discipline Representative for Off-Road motorsport.

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Caitlyn Gordon

Caitlyn is an aspiring motorsport journalist. Currently she follows a variety of racing competitions throughout Scotland and writes reports on them. As well as working towards earning a degree in journalism, she spends her spare time writing and watching about the numerous motorsport competitions that take place around the world.

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Ron Cowan

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Matthew Wilson

We recognise that our sport has a part to play in tackling climate change for the good of our planet and people. Everything that we do as an organisation is rooted within our firm commitment to reaching net zero as an organisation. Matthew is helping SAMSC to move to a more sustainable model. His role is also to encourage and support clubs with their own Environmental Sustainability Accreditation.

Find out more about Environmental Sustainability within Motorsport UK.